UnderReview: Moms Into Fitness Boot Camp 2

Moms Into Fitness Boot Camp 2

While researching workouts specifically designed for new moms, I discovered Lindsay Brin of Moms Into Fitness. In an "It's a Small Fitness-World" twist, I discovered that like me, Lindsay went to the University of Kansas. It's always nice to run into fellow Jayhawks, even if it is virtually. Lindsay …
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Got E-Milk?

sharing breastmilk

I don't know what we did before the internet. I do everything online, from paying bills to shopping for Christmas presents to looking up my nearest movie show times. Now moms are taking their web-savvy nature to sourcing breast milk online, a practice that has drawn warnings from the Food and Drug …
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People Aren’t Food

Modern Family

I adore the show Modern Family. It's smart, funny, charming and sweet. It has also forever redeemed Ed O'Neill (Al Bundy) in my eyes and that's saying a lot because I was never a fan of Married with Children. In the show, toddler Lily bites another child on the playground, and her dads go to work …
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Multitasking Mania

multitasking moms

I love being a mom. And I was surprised to find that it came very naturally. Maybe it was the practice with the nephew and niece; maybe it was that we got practice for a week in the hospital with NICU nurses there during feeds and diaper changes. But I never had that moment of "Holy crap, I have no …
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