Your Summer Plan for a Back-to-School Body


Whether you're in school or have kids in the classroom, summer break may seem like it just started, but the new school year will sneak up on you before you know it. So if you hope to head back to college or the next PTA meeting looking and feeling hotter than you did when school let out, read on. …
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Throughout the course of my pregnancy, I've been testing out pregnancy workout DVDs, reviews of which I'll start including here soon. It's been interesting to try new DVDs as the belly gets bigger because each workout brings with it interesting challenges. Not only am I tackling a workout I've never …
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D It Up

It's apparently well-known that breast-fed babies are at risk for a vitamin D deficiency. (This mom-to-be was not aware of this, so it looks like I need to "bone up" on these types of tidbits.) While 9 out of 10 breast-fed babies don't receive enough vitamin D, less than 37 percent of formula-fed …
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