Links: Week of July 26, 2010


Kick up your heels and enjoy these baby-licious links from around the web!  Why having a toddler is like being at a frat party. Hilarious and so true! —Suburban Snapshots Body after baby: You can love yours, too. And be in better shape than ever! —Dooce Find out how to Feed the Belly and …
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UnderReview: Belly Beautiful Workout


If you're like me and paranoid about doing unsafe exercises while you're pregnant, the Belly Beautiful Workout is for you. Not only is instructor Patricia Friberg well-versed in prenatal fitness, but she's also eight months pregnant in the DVD so you know it's safe to do during your entire pregnancy …
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Invasion of the Body Snatcher


At some point during pregnancy, you realize you have no control. Sure, you can control how much you exercise. And how much you eat. And how much you try to rest. But there are many, many, many things that happen to your mind and body that you just can’t control. Like the resting thing? You can’t …
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Fresh and Funky Feet


Get sick of wearing heels? Need some flats for running errands and carting the little ones around? Or wish you could wear socks while doing yoga? These three little products might be your solution! Ahnu During FBG Tish and I's sweet trip to San Fran, I became acquainted with a new brand of …
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Active Teen, Active Mind


If you're not moving now, get moving. And if you've got kids, get them moving, too! Stat! A new study shows that women who are physically active at any point in their life have lower risk of cognitive impairment later in life compared to those who are inactive. But here's the kicker: Activity as …
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Send Us Your Pictures!

Do you have a little cutie pie who is worthy of dozens of snapshots a day? How about an adorable toddler who is a total ham? Or maybe you've got belly pictures from your pregnancy that you'd love to share? Whether it's a baby, toddler, kindergartner or yourself as a mom or mom-to-be, we'd love to …
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