A Breastfeeding Anthem


Think breastfeeding is the bee's knees? Ever wished there was a song you could sing that was pro-breastfeeding? Well, now there is one! Be warned: If you're a formula-feeding mama who is sensitive about not breastfeeding, take the video with a grain of salt (I know, the "take yo broke-ass …
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Is TV Your Weight-Loss Saboteur?

Girl watching TV and eating chips

Today's post is courtesy of Matt Denos, PhD, a biologist and writer interested in obesity treatment research and issues related to nutrition, weight-loss and medical diet programs. If you need more reasons to get your family up and about and away from the TV, here they are! Are you aware of …
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How Sexy Do You Feel?


Maybe you're one of those lucky duckies who has never felt sexier than you felt during pregnancy. If so, go you! I've had my moments, but they are now a distant memory, as is my flat belly and the ability to pick something up off the floor without doing a really deep squat (great for the thighs, …
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Bringing Sexy Back


Considering that I feel about as sexy as a wildebeest right now , I'm looking forward to the day when I bring my sexy back. And I'm sure my husband is, too, although he's grinning and bearing my big-girl underwear and Tums-breath like a champ. But I feel like I may have a looong way to go before …
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Tunes for Teens


I know it's a lot of babies-on-the-brain around here, but let's not forget what happens when babies grow up: They become teens! (Cue scary organ music, dun dun DUN.) It's oh-so-important for kids to be active (especially as teens, research shows), so anything that aims to get teens moving gets …
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