How Sexy Do You Feel?

Credit: DaMao™

Maybe you’re one of those lucky duckies who has never felt sexier than you felt during pregnancy. If so, go you! I’ve had my moments, but they are now a distant memory, as is my flat belly and the ability to pick something up off the floor without doing a really deep squat (great for the thighs, though!). Earlier this week, I discussed getting the sexy back once the baby arrives. And now I’m wondering: How have pregnancy and childbirth effected your sexy quotient?

As always, speak your pregnant mind in the comments! —Erin


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  1. I’m due in January- 20 weeks along- and I’ve never felt healthier, happier, or sexier in my life. I LOVE being pregnant! I realize I may be one of the few, so I appreciate it all the more.