Links: Saying No, Day-One Exercises and More!

baby feet

Need a break from the drool? Catch up on your reading! Light up your long nights with a newborn with these picks! —Pregnancy & Newborn A skill any busy mom needs: How to say no to outside demands! —Working Mother Keep your toddler happy on flights with these carry-ons! —See Jane …
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UnderReview: 10 Minute Solution Prenatal Pilates

Prenatal Pilates

I'll admit: Pilates isn't my absolute favorite form of exercise. I enjoy it in a classroom setting with an awesome instructor, but DVDs tend to bore me a little. However, in my bid to stay in shape during my pregnancy, I was willing to test out the 10 Minute Solution Prenatal Pilates. I was able to …
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Halloween Hijinks

child labor for chocolate

Even the fittest bottoms out there get the green light from the Fit Bottomed Girls to indulge in a treat or two on Halloween. (Believe it or not, there are a few candies out there that have gotten FBG approval, so you can enjoy them in moderation!) Plus, walking your kiddos around the neighborhood …
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Baby’s First Flight

child traveling

As any new parent knows, leaving the house with a little one in tow makes even a quick trip to the grocery store exponentially more complicated. The timing, the supplies—you must be prepared lest you find yourself in the produce department with a hungry or poop-covered baby. As I've found that …
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Postpartum Workouts? Hardy Har Har.

baby sleeping

After months of being physically limited by pregnancy, I was sure that I'd want to jump right back onto the fitness wagon. Boy, did I underestimate the physical toll of having and taking care of a new baby! Even though I may be out of shape, I have a new respect and awe for my body. It is mind …
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Did Kegels Work for You?


Women always hear about the importance of Kegels, especially during pregnancy. I did Kegels regularly, along with other prenatal exercises, and I still "peezed" myself once. (Peezing is my term for peeing when you sneeze.) Little did I know that that peezing incident was just a sign of things to …
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“Down There” for Women: Not Your Typical Workout DVD


Attention: This is not your normal workout DVD. With the title "Down There" for Women, you could probably already guess that, but still. It kind of threw me for a loop. And I didn't know what to expect when I pressed play. Thankfully, what I got was good and not nearly as 6th-grade-health-class as I …
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