“Down There” for Women: Not Your Typical Workout DVD

down-there-for-womenAttention: This is not your normal workout DVD. With the title “Down There” for Women, you could probably already guess that, but still. It kind of threw me for a loop. And I didn’t know what to expect when I pressed play. Thankfully, what I got was good and not nearly as 6th-grade-health-class as I thought it might be. (After all, what medical expert says “Down there?” I blame the marketing department.)

In fact, “good” might not be the best word to describe this video. I’d actually call it enlightening and educational. Sure, you won’t get close to breaking a sweat during any part of the DVD, and I can’t really imagine myself watching it more than once, but am I glad I watched it? You betcha.

The whole premise is to look at your well-being and try to prevent chronic ailments, disease and pain. (Sounds good for moms and non-moms alike, eh?). You prevent problems by first learning about them, then seeing how your body moves and then doing specific exercises to help correct any body-wonkiness. And no, wonkiness is no more a technical term than “down there” is, nor is it a term used by Katy Bowman, developer of the Aligned and Well program and the DVD, but it’s a word I think sums our body dysfunction up nicely. Because as I learned doing some of the exercises, probably even the fittest of us have some weird body movement patterns.

The DVD is made up of an introduction to movement habits, five prescribed movements (so cleverly called Rx…ercises) and then more information on simple changes to improve your health. During the video I learned a number of things, but one specific item pretty much rocked my “down there” world. As a certified personal trainer, I’ve always been taught and instructed others that to stand in neutral alignment you were to bring your shoulders down and back, lift your chest and tuck your tailbone under. Well, Katy says that last instruction to “tuck your tail bone” is doing a big disservice to us ladies. I’d explain why, but she does a much better job in this clip than I could (hard to write about pelvic tilt without a model pelvis to tilt).

So the moral of this story? Stick those fit bottoms out! And, please, don’t say “down there.” We much prefer “nether region.” —Jenn

Want to win this DVD? Leave a comment, and we’ll pick a random U.S. reader next week to win the DVD. Winner will be notified directly via email. Good luck!


  1. Staci Stroud says

    I have been through testing with urologists who suggest medication to heal the dreaded bladder leakage issue…jumping or sneezing. I was told that this typically occurs to women who have had children and more often with age. Such a bummer! However, after reading this, all I can say is “pick me, pick me”! :)
    I would be so elated to try a natural healing method. Thanks for sharing!
    PS – thanks for the daily information you provide on Facebook, very helpful.

  2. Suzette says

    This should be totally relevant to overall health. I fell on my tail bone at boot camp and all surrounding muscles/bodybparts were affected! Maybe this has been overlooked in the past! Kudos to FBG !! Thank-you!!

  3. pam martin says


    katy has a wonderful program that makes sense, is easy on the body, and good for everyone. we need to spread the word. “feet straight—-ribs down—-and walk walk walk—–etc. love it-love it-love it !!!!!!!!!

  4. Guggie Daly says

    I would love to win this video. Gymnastics and two babies have left my pelvic floor in need of a good workout.

  5. Shannon says

    Would love to try this! After 6 babies I thought I’ve done all I could to get everything back in shape. This is an eye opener!

  6. Julia Martin says

    Katy has a great website and all the DVDs give great information and really work. Simple exercises to train your body to stand, sit and walk correctly. I have been searching for years for Katy.

  7. Renee says

    I hope I’m not too late to get in on the drawing. I’ve been on a long quest to get some help in this department–could Katy’s advice be the key? I hope so!

  8. Chrissy says

    I was speaking with a friend the other day who has seen marvelous results in her body from reading Katy Says and Aligned and Well. I mentioned my pelvic floor was no longer what it used to be and nothing had recently changed, I felt like my kegals were getting me no where, WELL was I shocked when my friend told me my pelvic floor muscles had lot their elasticity due to the kegals. Well I went home nad read some of what she had read and it makes sense. Can’t wait to get my hands on this DVD and learn more. Thanks for the competition and chance to win.

  9. Katie says

    I have taken Katy’s courses for a few years now. This gal knows what she’s talking about! I’m currently 6 months pregnant and trying her suggested exercises and alignment techniques. If the aligned and well program has helped my back issues, I have faith that it will help me in birthing as well. I will continue the program post-partum too.

  10. Jenn C says

    Awesome giveaway! I would love this being a newly post-partum, first time Mom. I need to get back in the swing of things :) Thanks FBB!

  11. Gabrielle Rysenga says

    I would really like to see this and try the RX-ersizes! I promise if I win I will loan the DVD to my friends who have had babies or who are women, so it will benefit many! Thanks for having such an awesome site :^)

  12. Sarah says

    Sounds great! I have a long history of health problems in that area… would be nice to have an active way to help prevent their return!

  13. Amanda says

    I would love to have this. After having my son, my pelvis was severely misaligned & has never been quite the same. Thanks for the opportunity.

  14. Kegel8 Stephanie says

    We love Katie Bowman, – this is vital information all women need to know from 16 – 60 or 18 – 80! We are at record levels of prolapse and natural childbirth, weight gain, and hysterectomy can be a cause, so lets all wise-up and start getting stronger pelvic floors. For too long we have been shrouded in taboos and shame about the pelvic floor.

    May I add a small plug? Any fitbottomedmamas in the UK can buy this DVD from us at stressnomore – but whatever you do – please don’t ignore your pelvic floor! Katie Bowman loves squats – they are a great place to start.

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