UnderReview: Moms Into Fitness Boot Camp 2

Moms Into Fitness Boot Camp 2

While researching workouts specifically designed for new moms, I discovered Lindsay Brin of Moms Into Fitness. In an "It's a Small Fitness-World" twist, I discovered that like me, Lindsay went to the University of Kansas. It's always nice to run into fellow Jayhawks, even if it is virtually. Lindsay …
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Drink Smart to Cut Those Holiday Calories!

Credit: izik

The holidays are full of delicious temptations. Holiday parties, family gatherings: Food is always front and center. And if you're like me and are trying to lose that last bit of pregnancy weightor at least trying to maintain during the season, it's good to have a strategy to cope! The best thing …
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Got E-Milk?

sharing breastmilk

I don't know what we did before the internet. I do everything online, from paying bills to shopping for Christmas presents to looking up my nearest movie show times. Now moms are taking their web-savvy nature to sourcing breast milk online, a practice that has drawn warnings from the Food and Drug …
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People Aren’t Food

Modern Family

I adore the show Modern Family. It's smart, funny, charming and sweet. It has also forever redeemed Ed O'Neill (Al Bundy) in my eyes and that's saying a lot because I was never a fan of Married with Children. In the show, toddler Lily bites another child on the playground, and her dads go to work …
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Multitasking Mania

multitasking moms

I love being a mom. And I was surprised to find that it came very naturally. Maybe it was the practice with the nephew and niece; maybe it was that we got practice for a week in the hospital with NICU nurses there during feeds and diaper changes. But I never had that moment of "Holy crap, I have no …
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