I’m Totally Freaking Out About Getting Pregnant


Ever since we started dating, my husband and I knew that we wanted kids. But it was always this far-off thing—like “Oh, yeah, we’ll name them Tobi and Sam, and they’ll have your eyes and my hair, and we’ll be this happy snuggly family that is perfect and happy and really freakin’ cute. Eventually.” …
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Introducing Fit Bottomed Mamas!

Fit Bottomed Mamas

When Jenn and I first started Fit Bottomed Girls, we knew there would be opportunities for additional sister sites. We always had it in our heads that when one of us had a baby, "Fit Bottomed Babies" had a nice ring to it. And it does. It sounds cute, and we adore alliteration! So when I was …
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Tiger Mama Drama

tiger mom

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard the hullabaloo about Tiger Mom Amy Chua. And just in case you have been living under a rock, no, she's not an octomom type who has given birth to tiger cubs. She's a Chinese mother who wrote the best-selling memoir Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, …
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Need to Spice Up Your Pregnancy Workouts? Try This Site!


Just because my baby is now on the outside wreaking havoc in the world with her diaper blowouts doesn't mean that I've forgotten about you mamas whose buns are still baking!I loved my prenatal workouts—they gave me some sense of control when it was becoming clearer and clearer that I actually had no …
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