When Did You Begin Working Out Postpartum?

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Yesterday, I talked about how I’m slowly but surely baby-stepping my way back to fitness. I’ve been active in the months since my daughter was born, but exercise has in no way been my priority. Sleep, rest and enjoying time with the little one have taken precedence. After all, babies change so fast I didn’t want to blink and miss anything! Now that I’m working out more consistently at five months postpartum, I’m curious when other mamas out there began to sweat!

Can’t see the poll? Weigh in on when you started working out after your baby arrived!

And remember, it’s never too late to get back into shape, even if your baby is having babies! —Erin


  1. B says

    I chose 6 months. With my son it was within days. With my daughter, she’s 11 weeks and I still can’t. I keep trying but everytime I do I cramp and bleed. I’ve spoken to my Doctor about this and she said that your body takes it harder with each baby and that each time I have these issues, I’m overdoing it. It’s frustrating. Even a 2-3 mile walk is “too much”. I’ve noticed it’s starting to get better though. It’s so hard when YOU are ready but your body isn’t.

  2. Christine says

    With my 2nd son I started at 6 weeks post partum with a post-natal DVD and walking. It helped me to ease back into exercising and I just built up gradually!

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