New Year’s Resolution Update

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An entire plate of cookies can't exactly be called "moderation." Credit: D Sharon Pruitt

I was a little late in setting my New Year’s resolutions, but here I am, keeping my word to update youon my progress!

Erin’s Progress on Resolutions for 2011

1. Stop the sugar mania. While I won’t claim to be totally free of my sugar vice, I have seriously loosened its grip. I do best when I’m not tempted, so I’ve stopped buying the crack-laced sugar cookies that I couldn’t stop eating. It was tough walking by the grocery store bakery the first few times, but now that I’ve realized I can do it, I feel the cookies’ power decreasing each time I pass them up. I still have my sweet treats occasionally (read: almost daily), but I’m able to keep them to a much more manageable portion when they’re not laced with hard drugs.

2. Start the workouts. It was hard at first to get back into working out consistently, but thanks to Zumba for the Kinect and tons of postpartum workout DVDs, I’m getting there. Most weeks I’ve managed to fit in at least three workouts. On occasion I’ve fit in more than three, but there are also weeks when I can only fit in a couple of sessions. It is getting easier though because the little girl is napping on a more predictable schedule (when she naps, that is) and can entertain herself for short periods of time sitting on the floor or jumping around in her jumper, freeing me up for toning time. She even watches me dance, although I tell her that I hope she has more rhythm than I do. This goal should get even easier in the weeks to come because there is a 60-degree day on the horizon, according to the weather man, and I cannot wait to get outside!

3. Join a class. Although I mentioned joining a parent/baby swim class when I made my resolutions, I ended up fulfilling this goal early by taking a class for myself. I enrolled in a six-week beginner’s piano class, which I’ve wanted to do for a really long time. It exercises my brain, my fingers and gives me an hour to get out of the house. I still plan to take the swim class with my daughter, so I’ll let you know how that goes!

Are your resolutions a distant memory or are they still fueling you well into 2011? —Erin


  1. Shira says

    Erin, I think I’ve got my sugar cravings under control too…after much arm wrestling with some great chocolate my boyfriend brought back from the UK. But I didn’t set this up as a New Year’s resolution – its more like a life realization that very little goes a long way for my mood and my waistline. Glad to hear you are making progress. :)

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