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Credit: Trace Meek

Now that we’ve changed the name and have gotten into a bit of a fit bottomed groove, we want to hear from you! We know you fit mamas are opinionated, so get your pointer finger warmed up and ready to click. We want to know why you’re here, what content you’re loving (or hating!), what you’d like to see more of and what stage of mamahood you’re in. We know you’re busy, so we swear it’s super fast and painless. And if you respond, you’ll even be entered to win a workout DVD!

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Don’t care for an official survey? The ability to comment on posts is there for a reason, so get to it! —Erin


  1. Jenn C says

    I would love to see a post/article about flying/traveling with infants. I’m flying by my lonesome to SF in a few weeks and am clueless, especially since my baby girl hasn’t quite taken a bottle yet and is exclusively breastfeeding. Thanks FBM!

  2. Kelly says

    I like the name change. I didn’t have an issue with the original name, though it did strike me as funny a couple times.
    I think it’s a great improvement to an already wonderful site.
    Love you girls!!

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