Review: Stroller Workout for Moms (With Giveaway!)

Sara Holliday Stroller Workout

Some postpartum workout DVDs are designed to ease new moms back into fitness. Sara Holliday's Stroller Workout for Moms, however, isn't about easing. It's a booty-kicking workout that will have your body shaking like Jell-O. Before kicking my rear with the stroller workout, I first tested another …
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Review: Kendra’s Be a Knockout Workout DVD (with Giveaway!)

Kendra Be a Knockout

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett is my favorite Girl Next Door. She's down to earth, has an infectious laugh and isn't afraid to be herself. She's always been super-sporty, so I wasn't surprised when she decided to add another workout DVD to the one she starred in with her gal pals. While Be a Knockout with …
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A Breakdancing Flash Mob of Pregnant Women? That’ll Get Your Attention!

breakdancing flash mob

If I'm ever around when a flash mob breaks out, I'd go seriously giddy. There's something about people breaking out into choreographed dance that I find hilarious and awesome (like this Modern Family flash mob). Obviously, a mob of dancing people would get your attention. And apparently Oxfam wanted …
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