Review: Tracey Mallett’s Total New Body (With a Giveaway!)

Tracey Mallett Total New Body

I'm stepping away from postpartum mom-specific workout DVDs today to cover one of those kick-your-butt workouts that we all need from time to time—Tracey Mallett's The Booty Barre: Total New Body workout DVD. While I think it would likely give you a totally new body, it could just as easily be …
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Did Your Health Habits Take a Dive When You Had Kids?

When I saw a recent study on how parents are less healthy than their childless peers, I thought: Well, duh! The study found that new parents get less exercise than adults the same age who don’t have children, and new moms have higher BMIs and consume more calories than women without rugrats. (I …
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A Book That’ll Jump Start Your Body After Baby (With Giveaway!)

Body After Baby by Jackie Keller

If ever there is a time to want that "quick fix" for weight-loss, it's after your baby arrives. I know when I was pregnant, I felt like every pound was justified. But once the baby arrived, it just felt like extra weight. Unfortunately, as most new moms know, losing that pregnancy weight and earning …
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Stay-Sane Tips for Work-At-Home Moms (And Really, Any Frazzled Mom!)


Today's post is brought to you by My Week Is Being Insane So Here's A Guest Post! Oh yeah, and the awesome website, Hybrid Mom. Hybrid Mom is full of useful content and includes such gems as staying ahead of the clutter and tons of work/life balance content. It was because of My Insane Week that I …
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Elmo Gets Cooking With Dr. Oz


Even though my daughter is too young to really watch TV, I have been using her as an excuse to tune into Sesame Street. I'd forgotten how smart and funny the show is—and how educational it is. The show has also emphasized healthy habits, with Cookie Monster declaring cookies a "sometimes food" and …
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