MamaLinks: Pre-Baby Therapy, Mommy Food Traps & More!

baby napping

Credit: stickwithjosh

Put those kids down for a nap and relax with these links for a bit. You can do it!

Want high-end baby merchandise without the price tag? Recrib it! —Recrib

Take a sneak peak into the First Family’s healthy kitchen! (Cute assistant chef, too!) —Yahoo! News

Trying to get pregnant? Put down that cup of java. Slow tear. —Medical News Today

Planning a summer vacay? Explore your parks! —Explore Your Parks

Is pre-baby counseling the new pre-nup? —That’s Fit Canada

Free prenatal fitness training. We love free! —Fitness on the Run

Weight-loss camps for kids and fams—this isn’t “fat camp”! —Wellspring Camps

Avoid these “mommy diet” pitfalls! —Diets in Review

Share your faves of the week! —Erin

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