NouriShea’s Pampering Line: Great For Moms but Kid-Friendly, Too!


The only thing better than bed at the end of a long day of getting dirty in the motherhood trenches is taking a shower before going to bed. There's nothing quite as refreshing as washing away all of the drool and spit-up of the day with a little bit of hot steam. The only thing that makes the …
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Division of Household Labor: Always a Work in Progress


I work from home. I write, edit, try to maintain websites. I take care of my daughter. I grocery shop. I try to cook a reasonably healthy dinner most days. And I try not to let the house become a total disaster. That last one? I do not do such a hot job. Clutter is everywhere. I clean the toilets …
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Review: Prego-fit & Fabulous


Just because I'm no longer pregnant and Jenn isn't yet pregnant doesn't mean that we want prenatal workout DVD reviews to go by the wayside. Luckily, my cousin Leslie is almost in her third trimester and was more than willing to be a DVD guinea pig. Leslie is due in October and has kept up with …
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Post-Pill Amenorrhea: It’s Real But How Common?

Unlike over at Fit Bottomed Girls, where I feel like my experience and certifications allow me to speak intelligently on all things fitness, when it comes to pre-pregnancy, rocking a bump and actually becoming a mother to a mini-me, I'm a touch—okay, a LOT—less knowledgeable. So instead of me just …
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