Hiking in Ohio: Family-friendly Fun!

Hiking in Ohio

When I think of top vacation destinations, I don't think of Ohio. I think of the Bahamas. Or Florida. But I was pleasantly surprised earlier this month when I spent a few days in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio. My family was doing a meet-in-the-middle sort of vacation, and Ohio happened to be as …
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5 Back-to-School Tips for Healthy Eating


Whether your kids have already headed back to school or you're still gearing up for that big first day, it's an adjustment going from lazy mornings of summer to get-the-kids-dressed-fed-and-out-the-door mornings. (Or at least I imagine.) These back-to-school tips on nutrition from nutrition expert …
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Fun Options for Maternity Workout Wear

When you're pregnant, there is nothing better than the day you slip into a real pair of maternity pants when you've been squeezing into regular pants for a little too long or have outgrown the band-type waistband helpers. If you're like me when I was pregnant, you dedicated most of your maternity …
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Moms Helping Moms Make the World a Better Place

I'm probably not alone in this phenomenon: I have a hard time accepting help. And an even harder time asking for help. I guess I like to think I'm superwoman and that I can get everything done on my own, even if my dust-bunny-filled home clearly says otherwise. In my pre-baby days, this was mostly …
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