Fun Options for Maternity Workout Wear

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Well-fitting maternity workout wear goes a long way in helping you get your sweat on during pregnancy! Credit: Frank de Kleine

When you’re pregnant, there is nothing better than the day you slip into a real pair of maternity pants when you’ve been squeezing into regular pants for a little too long or have outgrown the band-type waistband helpers. If you’re like me when I was pregnant, you dedicated most of your maternity clothing budget to everyday clothing. But don’t skimp on maternity workout wear! If you’ve got a few go-to workout outfits that let you get your bump active that also look good, you’ll be much more likely to keep up with those prenatal workouts. (And we all know how important those pregnancy workouts are!) Here are a few cute maternity workout clothing options I found on a recent scour of the internet.

Maternity Workout Wear: 8 Options That’ll Flatter Your Bump

1. Tank up. I love this horizontally striped maternity tank from A Pea in the Pod. Let the horizontal stripes accentuate that belly!

2. Jacket envy. If you’re planning to be outdoors this fall, this active zip-up jacket from Gap will keep you warm and flatter your figure!

3. Pant necessities. You’re going to want a pair (or five) of maternity yoga pants. They’re perfect for lounging, workouts and are great to have on hand postpartum when nothing else fits quite right. These basic maternity yoga pants from Old Navy fit the bill and come in at only $22 so you can stock up!

4. One piece wonder. In the market for maternity unitards? Hey, you never know. And at least now you know they exist, just in case.

5. Favor-fave! This tank was without a doubt my absolute favorite maternity tank. It can be dressed up, dressed down or worn for a workout—plus it’s super soft and comfy and the ruched sides are flattering. Like I said, my favorite. And at less than $25 at Target, you can buy a few of them! (Here’s a cheaper version, but I can’t vouch for this one!)

6. On a budget. Don’t have much of a budget? No problem! These maternity capris are only $7. Pair them with this pair of tanks at only $9, and you’re in business on a low budget!

7. Hoodie happy. I love myself a gray hoodie, and I would totally live in this gray hoodie from Motherhood Maternity if I was pregnant in cooler weather.

8. Splish splash. Don’t forget our round-up of active maternity swimsuits for you water mamas!

Have you found any cute maternity workout clothing options that flatter your bump lately? What was your must-have maternity workout item?—Erin


  1. Sara says

    Lululemon (especially tops) can be great subs for maternity gear. They stretch out perfectly and go back to its original shape after pregnancy. It’s a bit expensive, but since it has dual purpose usage, it’s well worth the price.

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