Nanny-Nanny Boo-Boo: Current Thoughts on Childcare and Tasks I’d Outsource

You know when you're not a parent and you get all judge-y about what you would and would not do when you become a parent? And then you actually become a parent and realize how Judgey McJudge-a-Lot you were? That's how I feel about my prior and current take on nannies. I used to think nannies were …
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Mama’s Day Out: Time for My ‘Selves’

Erin me time

Now that my daughter is 13+ months old, I feel more and more comfortable leaving her for short periods of time when she's in good hands. (As opposed to before when I would have panic attacks. Literally. Still need to share that story...) But it's still weird when I have that extra pair of  hands and …
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