Mama Links: A Pregnancy Training Plan, Temper Tantrum Science & More!

winter snow
Credit: Paolo Camera

Chock full of goodness this week, those interwebs are. Here are a few of those new goodies I spied, including help with a prenatal fitness plan and a birth photo that brought out all sorts of opinions!

Don’t have a prenatal fitness plan? Lost without a goal? This will help! —Healthy Tipping Point

If you’re making excuses for skipping workouts this holiday season, you are so busted! —The American Council on Exercise

Opening up the infertility discussion. —Redbook

Birth photo brings out the cattiness in women. Can’t we all just get along? —The Stir

Kardashians aren’t immune to morning sickness. —BabyCenter

Know a little temper-tantrum science to cope with your toddler—and stay a little more sane! —Time

Share a few of your own faves below before you even think about frolicking in a winter wonderland! —Erin


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