Mama Links: Healthy Vending Machines, Posh Hand Sanitizer & More!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Whether you’re celebrating your Irish roots or just want a good excuse to drink green beer, here’s hoping the day brings you a bit o’ luck! And if it doesn’t, read these links to cheer you up!

Adventures with a jogging stroller. —Workout Mommy

Manly things on Pinterest? They’re there. Kinda.  —Average Moms Wear Capes

A dietitian’s pantry staples. —American Council on Exercise

Want to run a half? This one’s right around the corner! —NYRR

These hand sanitizers up the clean-hand posh factor. Plus, they support a good cause! —Eve Echo

Do mid-morning snackers weigh more? —Discovery Fit & Health

Free education for your cute kiddo? Here’s your chance! —Cuties

A healthier vending machine? We love the sound of that! —Fresh Healthy Vending

Love Victoria Beckham’s honesty about the sleepless nights of parenting. —BabyCenter

Have a funny sex fail? Do share! —Bedsider

Hilarious yoga and dinosaur humor. —YogaDawg

Drinking any green beer today? Party on, mamas! —Erin

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