Ah…the Spa: $50 Spa Week Treatments!

I’m not really a spa kind of gal. Sure, I love a good massage. But I’m not a manicure/pedicure/waxing kind of girl. I’m lucky to get my hair highlighted once every six months. And that is no joke.

But when I got the opportunity to try a spa treatment to preview National Spa Week? Well, you could say I jumped at the chance. My mom happened to be in town, so I was able to sneak away from both kiddos to get my relaxation on. And I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve had so little me time since kiddo No. 2 came along or if facials are usually this amazing, but I was SOLD on this pampering experience.

For my treatment, I went to Magic Hands Skin & Body in Westfield, N.J. The owner, Lora, was fabulous and walked me through every step of my 55-minute anti-aging and deep cleansing facial, explaining what all of the products and techniques would do for my skin.

Just like during a massage, you strip down to your comfort level before climbing onto the table.If you’re a facial newbie, take my advice and strip down to your skivvies. You get a good neck and shoulder massage during the treatment. And while your lower bod doesn’t get the royal treatment, you may get warm under the covers.

spa week treatment
The super-fuzzy blanket.

If you’re used to getting hour-long massages, it might seem a little crazy to spend about an hour just on your face. But it is really so enjoyable and relaxing. I can’t remember the details of all of the yummy-smelling creams and masks and goops that landed on my face—I was so blissed out my brain took a break. There were hot towels, a million fingers dancing on my face and sponges to wipe off the old before moving onto the new. All I know is that Lora got the bad stuff out of my pores and infused the good stuff in. There was even a fancy ultrasound treatment to help products penetrate my skin.

spa sponges
Dirty skin? Clean it up!

I left the salon feeling like a million bucks. I felt rested and rejuvenated, and with little sleep lately, that’s saying a lot. I also wasn’t aware my skin could even feel so soft. I made both my hubby and my mom feel it. “Touch my face!” My mom even commented that I looked refreshed.

Whether you want to try a new treatment you’ve never done before or you are a spa junkie and want a cheaper fix, check out the spas in your area that are participating in National Spa Week. From April 16-22, you can get select treatments for just $50. Just visit the Spa Week site, find a spa near you and call to schedule an appointment. Better yet, if you’re in New Jersey, just go right to Lora. She’s fabulous and also just moved to a dedicated location. I’m seriously dying to have her do my eyelashes for me…

Are you a facial junkie? A mani maniac? What spa treatment should I do next? —Erin



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