Mama Links: Maternity Workout Clothes, Get Active Videos & More!

horses running

Credit: Squeezyboy

Giddy-up, little doggies, and check out these links that are worth a read! 

A postpartum re-education of the lady bits? I could use that… —Time

I can’t imagine getting pregnant this soon. Go Tori! —iVillage

A love/hate relationship with a personal trainer. —Workout Mommy

Super-adorable maternity workout clothes. —zobha

For the little yogis. —Wee Yogis Play

Always a crack-up, that Kirstie. “Don’t be freakin’ ’cause you’re leakin’.” —Poise

A 10-video series to get girls and young women moving! —Strong Women Strong Girls

Read any good healthy content lately? Don’t keep it to yourself! —Erin


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