Are You Prepared for a Pet Emergency?

pug dog marti

Before I had human kids, my pug was my child. Totally spoiled rotten. Even now that my attention is divided, I love my dog a freaking ridiculous amount. (How do you not love that face? That's her at right.) Because furry family members are people, too, we wanted to share these tips with you from …
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Post-Baby Belly Progress Part 3, and First Workout Report!

7 week belly pic

So, now that I've resumed my workouts, I'm back in peak physical condition, right? Fortunately for you other moms out there who may be struggling to get back into shape postpartum: NOPE! Not even close. So no worries, there won't be any belly-baring photos here any time soon. (Ever, actually, …
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Tips to Add Mediterranean Flare to Your Meals—and Make Them Kid-Friendly


Today's post comes to you from Georgia Orcutt, program manager, Oldways and the Mediterranean Foods Alliance. If you need ideas for bringing more colors and flavors to your meals, look no further!  No question about it. Feeding kids is a full-time job. Would you like to make that job easier? …
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When Being a New Mom Beats You Up and Wears You Down

newborn baby boy

We recently had an entire week dedicated to postpartum depression-related content. Jessica, who has shared her journey through pregnancy and who had her baby boy in February, shares some of the struggles she's been facing during the first months of motherhood. We want other moms to know that the …
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