Tribe Hummus Has a Flavor For All of Us

tribe hummusWhen I got six containers of Tribe Hummus in the mail, I wasn’t exactly sure what to do. How on earth would we go through six containers of hummus? Turns out, it was a pretty easy task. My family and I easily devoured all of it well before the expiration date!

It helped that each container of hummus was a different flavor, so there was no way to get bored. We tried Classic, Sweet Roasted Red Pepper, Roasted Garlic, Spicy Red Pepper, Zesty Spice & Garlic, and Mediterranean Style. The first three are Tribe’s blended style—a totally smooth consistency. The latter three have actual toppings in the hummus, which I think totally adds an extra flavor kick.

Every single variety I tried was super tasty. And the variety is fantastic. Tribe even has a crazy number of flavors they didn’t send me, such as Roasted Vegetable, Savory Mushroom and Zesty Lemon. Chances are, if there’s a flavor you dig in your hummus, Tribe’s got you covered. Plus, each of the company’s flavors is vegan-friendly, free of artificial preservatives, saturated and trans-fats, hydrogenated oils, dairy and cholesterol. For a couple of tablespoons, you get about 45 to 70 calories depending on the flavor, 1 gram of fiber and 2 grams of protein.

Besides the variety in flavor, hummus can be enjoyed in so many ways, and it’s a great way to add punch to your snacks and meals. We used it on crackers, sandwiches, for dipping veggies and even on corn on the cob at Tribe’s recommendation. No matter how you slice it—or scoop it—it’s a tasty treat. It’s even toddler-approved; my daughter quickly learned how to recognize and say “hummus.”

 What’s your favorite way to eat hummus? —Erin



  1. Samantha says

    My husband and I love the Sabra Supremely Spicy Hummus. We dip pita chips, veggies, and use it on sandwiches.

  2. Pacho Gazpacho says

    Hummus is also very easy and cheap to make from scratch. Use a pressure cooker to cook chickpea, mash these, add olive oil, garlic, tahini, paprika and lemon juice. Voila – delicious hummus without any preservatives! I love to add fresh chopped scallions for a complementary taste.

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