6 Exercises You Can Do In the Kitchen

When I’m busy, I know that my workout can feel like it’s the unnecessary item on my to-do list that can be skipped. But one thing that can’t be skipped? Meals. I could set my watch by my toddler’s grumbling tummy, so mealtimes are non-negotiable. And because toddlers aren’t known for being the fastest eaters on the planet, the kitchen is the perfect place to fit in these moves from Sara Haley, Reebok Global Fitness Trainer.

6 Kitchen Exercises: Nuke the Plank

plank kitchen

Looking to nuke some leftovers or defrost some dinner meat?  The next time you go to heat something up, hold a plank and work your core. Start with a 30-second plank while the timer counts down and gradually add on time as you get stronger. Now you can devour your dinner guilt-free!


  1. Jessica says

    Love it! I started doing wall sits and tricep dips in the break room at work as I microwave left overs or lean cuisines for lunch. People give me strange looks when they walk in on me doing it, but I figure I should make the most of those minutes–especially when I spent most of my day sitting in front of a computer!


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