4 Post-Pregnancy Workout Tips to Get You Moving

twins pregnancy tips

Physique 57's Tanya Becker previously shared some awesome workout moves you can do with your baby. Today she shares her post-pregnancy workout tips. Hey, they worked for her after she had twins.... Beginning my journey back into the fitness world, both as a teacher and a true student, has …
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How to Know When to Start Potty Training? This Book Will Help

no cry potty training

Each new adventure you embark on as a parent lets you know in a hurry how clueless you are and how much you're really learning on the job as you raise your kids. There is no manual for raising kids, but there are manuals for many steps along the way. And just like Elizabeth Pantley's No-Cry Sleep …
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Stroller Strides: Walking Workouts with Friendly Benefits

stroller moms

Nicole Crawford, AFPA-certifed pre- and post-natal fitness specialist, is the Women’s, Kids and Family Feature writer over at Breaking Muscle. She talked with Lisa Druxman, founder of Stroller Strides to find out how the stroller workout program brings moms and their babies together for …
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Me2Roo: Workout Wear Solutions for the Belly and Beyond (with Giveaway!)

me2roo pregnant belly

When I was pregnant, I embraced the growing belly. I had no problem gaining weight for the cause, but the thing that annoyed me was finding clothing options. The two worst phases of the shifting body? As you're growing and you're too small for maternity clothing but too big for your regular duds, …
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