5 Tips for Preventing Nightmares

halloween grave

To celebrate the Halloween holiday today, I'm sharing part two of our Kids and Nightmares series. Yesterday, Dr. Tom Jackson shared tips on managing nightmares once they're under way. But is there anything you can do as a parent to prevent them from happening in the first place? Turns out there …
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5 Tips for Managing Nightmares

boy sleeping nightmares

As parents, we deal with lots of overnight fun. From wakeful nights to overnight tantrums to our kiddo's nightmares, the wee hours can include lots of good times. With all of the scary ghosts and goblins that are out and about during the week of Halloween, we thought it would be a good idea to share …
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A Pregnancy Dance Workout to Get You Moving

sara haley dance workout

Dancing is one of my favorite ways to get cardio. Sure, I'm terrible at it, but Zumba and rocking out to bad pop music are great ways to get moving. That's why I love this workout from Sara Haley, Reebok Global Fitness Trainer. She incorporates lots of moves to benefit your pregnant bod plus ideas …
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Protect Your Gym Time: Consider a Contract!

gym treadmills

All partners say it. During pregnancy, they thank you for sacrificing your body for the baby and promise to watch the baby when he or she arrives so that you can go to the gym. But then the baby comes and there is a little more crying than anticipated and he's hungry all the time. When you say you …
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Getting Pregnant Is a Part-Time Job (for Those Dealing With Fertility Issues)

Sometimes, my waiting room feels as menacing as this spikey sign. Credit: jeffk

When most people think about the process of "getting pregnant," it doesn't usually seem like something that takes a lot of effort or time. I mean, really, doing the horizontal tango doesn't have to take that long (Hey, everyone loves a quickie!) or be that aerobic (although that can be fun and a …
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