Cures for Winter Dryness

aquaphorFor me, dry skin, chapped lips and cold weather go hand in hand…in hand. And now with kids and all of the hand-washing that goes with? Well, I need serious relief for my hands. Two products recently landed on my doorstep, so I’m now officially prepared for any dry business that comes my way this winter, from head to toe.

I have been a loyal Aquaphor user ever since a doctor recommended it to me to combat dry skin. I’ve had the Healing Ointment in my nightstand for ages, and routinely apply it to my lips and hands before bed. Now in a handy-dandy little tube, it’s easier to store than the tub I was using. It’s not a lotion; it’s more heavy duty than that. It’s made with petrolatum, but it’s not as goopy as straight-up petroleum jelly. The panthenol is said to help healing, which is awesome for skin that hurts, and the glycerin holds the moisture to the skin. Seriously, throw this on your worst cracked lips or hands before bedtime and you will feel a million times better in the a.m. I used it to soothe my knees, which I scraped up pretty good in my recent mud run. (Check out other uses for Aquaphor for running here.)

And color me surprised—I had no idea Aquaphor also made a line of baby products. The Healing Ointment is great for baby butts to prevent rash and good for dry skin and drool rashes. And the baby wash is gentle and all of the good stuff baby shampoo/wash needs to be: clean rinsing, tear free and unscented.

chapstickNow onto another product I’ve been loyal to for decades: ChapStick. Maybe it’s because my maiden name is Chapman and Chapstick was one nickname I heard growing up. Or maybe it’s because I love the product. But either way I’ve gone through so many tubes of the stuff I can’t even estimate. The new-to-me Raspberry Creme moisturizing variety? Yum. But I was especially excited about the Active Sport Ready version. With a convenient clip, the ChapStick is water resistant for 80 minutes for you swimmers and with an SPF 30, it’ll protect skiers and winter sports athletes, as well as any outdoor enthusiast from the sun’s beastly rays.

What are your go-to products for winter? Got anything you can’t live without? —Erin


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