Gym Daycare Finally, FINALLY, a Success

gymdaycaresuccessSo remember that post I wrote about separation anxiety at the gym daycare? Back in July? Well, we are finally, finally, at long last, doing better with the separation anxiety. Meaning I can take an exercise class without knowing that I will definitely get interrupted. Meaning that occasionally, when I hear the “Attention members and guests” announcement, it’s not me they’re calling for.

It has taken serious time and patience and interrupted workouts to get to this point. I think it has helped that my daughter’s having regular play dates away from me with the neighbor kids. But like sleeping through the night, it was like a developmental milestone that my daughter just had to hit. The progress was slow and painstaking. She went from crying the minute she hit the daycare doors to only crying as I was leaving. She went from making me carry her in to walking in and turning around to get her name-tag sticker on her back. She went from tearful relief upon my return to happy hugs sans tears.

It’s not perfect by any stretch. After a few weeks of hour-long successes at the gym, I got called back during the last few minutes of a Pilates class last week because she was getting upset about my absence. And kid No. 2 has had an occasion or two when he’s needed my attention. But really, it has been so much better. I don’t get an anxious knot in my stomach as we hit the gym. My daughter has learned the names of some of the staff. She loves using the daycare bathroom as a stalling technique. (And I’ll take any potty successes I can get.)

So my advice for other moms who think their kiddo will never adjust to a different situation? They will. It just may take lots and lots and lots of time and patience. —Erin


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  1. Definitely went through this with my first (who is now 2.5). I didn’t attempt to leave him until he was over a year; rethinking that strategy with my almost 3 month old. But I agree with you – it just takes time, and it really is a win-win. The kiddos get some socialization time with other kids, and we get some much needed workout and alone time!