Pump Up Your Fall with Pumpkin

Many pumpkins. Fair of a pumpkin in CaliforniaDo you have pumpkin fever like we do? Yeah, this time of year it’s all we can do to keep ourselves from pulling into Starbucks three times a day for that addicting Pumpkin Spice Latte or making loaf after loaf of tasty pumpkin bread. If you’re stricken with the same pumpkin obsession this time of year, take heart. We’ve put together five healthier ways to get your pumpkin fix. Yum!

5 Healthy Pumpkin Treats

1. Thomas’ Bagel Thins Pumpkin Spice.
A bagel and pumpkin spice in one for 110 calories? Color us SMITTEN and a half. With five grams of protein and fiber and just 3 grams of sugar, this slightly sweet and lots of pumpkin-y spice flavor makes our mouths happy! Try topping it with a little Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter or The Laughing Cow’s new Cinnamon Cream flavor that’s just 45 calories a wedge. You’re welcome.

Click on over for four more healthy pumpkin ideas! —Erin


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