MamaLinks: Yoga to Help Headaches, Best Kid-Friendly Recipes & More!

Hey, even the little ones can do some yoga! (And yoga doesn’t require any electricity, making it a friendly post-Sandy workout!) Credit: tiffany assman

Erin and her family are safe after Sandy, but still without power. Boo! So I’m filling in today and sharing some fab links. Here’s wishing everyone on the East coast a speedy recovery!

Boys are also hitting puberty earlier. —Time

Dozens of the best kid-friendly recipes. —LilSugar

So many fun health tips in this one, from healthy fats to eat to what causes stress eating! —Stuft Mama

The evolution of motherhood. —Average Moms Wear Capes

Pregnancy pick-me-ups. —Fit Pregnancy

Quick workout, no equipment needed. —Shape

Try these yoga poses to help headaches. —Natural Health

Were you affected by Sandy, too? Share your experience in the comments! —Jenn


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