Mama Links: Nix Mommy Guilt Trips, Worst Fad Diets & More!

cardboard box cat

Boxes: The gift that works for kids and pets! Credit: comedy_nose

Need a few moves to get you and your bump moving? Want to banish mommy guilt? Wonder what not to eat after a workout? You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers!

Great pregnancy exercises. —Fit Pregnancy

Banish these mommy guilt trips. —Baby Center

Don’t eat this after a workout. —iVillage

Five worst fad diets of the year. —Blisstree

Christina Applegate on Santa. —LilSugar

Just get a cardboard box and call it a day. —Parenting

Microwave muffins. Easy-peasy! —STUFT Mama

How to roadtrip with kids! —Average Moms Wear Capes

Have a good weekend! —Erin

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