Kick the Bad Habits and Embrace These 10 Healthy Tweaks in 2014


Are you gearing up for your New Year's resolutions along with the rest of America? No matter how good I'm doing with workouts and eats and life in general, I always make a few New Year's goals. It's just so nice to have a fresh start in a new year, isn't it? A clean slate. Adding one more year is …
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Making Space for Baby


In addition to feeling and releasing ALL THE EMOTIONS, my sessions with Brandon Hyde (a certified Emotion Code practitioner) have given me a brand-new perspective on all this stuff I've been doing. And by "stuff," I mean the endless doctors appointments, decision-making, non decision-making, …
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I Am A Fusionista: Bringing Fusion Fitness Home With Me


My quads are trembling, my glutes are burning and my abdominals are screaming. As a fusionista, this is to be expected after class. I just never thought I could feel this way from doing home videos! Fusion Fitness makes sweat look sexy and a bad day feel oh-so good. What started out scary became …
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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year … Because My Husband’s Off Work!


It's been some rough days around here lately. I'm all thumbs, the kids have me running around in circles, and all I can think some days is "I am failing SO HARD!" Last week, I sent Jenn an email recounting my bad week. I had managed to pull a dry erase board off the wall, and in doing so, pulled …
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Pregnancy Oops? This Book Will Help You Rock It — and Make You Laugh


I did not have unplanned pregnancies. I was counting down the days until we could start trying for our first. And my second was surprising, but not a surprise. So while I don't know what it's like to be taken by surprise by a positive pregnancy test, it's thoroughly amusing to read someone else's …
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