Being a Healthy, Muddy Role Model for My Kids

alan kids mud run

My little spectator remembers my time in the mud being a healthy role model for my kids!

It’s funny what 2-year-olds remember. They’ll “forget” that they’re not supposed to hit their younger sibling, but then they’ll remember relatives who visited months ago. They’ll forget to use the potty, but remember the kid at the gym daycare they met once while using the potty there. My daughter will forget that tearing books is a no-no, but her memory when it comes to my being active is stellar. Being a healthy role model for my kids? It’s working.

As you know, I ran a mud run race back in September and brought my family along for the ride. My being all muddy made quite the impression on my daughter. Just the other day, months after the event, I heard her telling her grandma that “Mommy got all dirty…needs to wash her face,” and I knew exactly what she was referring to. She’ll also refer to “all the people running.” She was “helping” me fold laundry the other day and we came across the shirt I got for participating in the Rock ‘n’ Roll 10K. “Mommy wears this to the gym.” I was blown away. She even knows that I  have specific clothes for exercise!

I’m proud to know that I’m already planting little seeds of healthy living in my kids. When we hit the gym daycare, my daughter knows it’s so I can get some exercise. She loves to hit the gymnasium with me and play soccer or basketball or whatever ball we can find. I want her to learn that exercise and healthy eating is fun…not just obligatory. She reminds me that exercise should be about play (much like the MovNat philosophy that keeps popping up) and having fun. And I freaking love it when she asks for more broccoli or more cauliflower or more asparagus, please.

Have your kids noticed your healthy behaviors? Do they try to emulate you? —Erin


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