Nervous to Pierce Your Child’s Ears? Try Poppy Drops!


Poppy Drops temporary tattoos are a painless way to adorn the ears!

I’m a bit nervous about piercing my daughter’s ears. Plenty of brave moms do it, but I can’t fathom how babies and toddlers keep their grubby little hands off their ears to let them heal without getting infected! Plus, my niece had her ears pieced when she was an infant and ended up needing to get them re-pierced so I’ve just never been too driven to go down the ear-piercing route. I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was about 5, so I figured I’d just wait until my daughter could ask for it until I took that step.

Then a company called Poppy Drops dropped a little product on my doorstep. Temporary tattoos that can be applied to the ears. Not permanent, not painful? Sign me up! My daughter was super excited to try them, so we got to applying. They come in sheets, similar to how stickers are packaged, and they’re super easy to apply. You simply cut the tattoo you want from the sheet, peel off the covering, stick it to the ear face down on the earlobe and apply water with a wet cloth for a few seconds. Then you peel off, and voila! Earrings!

It took a little bit of trial and error to be happy with the placement on the ear, but I definitely did better with the second ear the first time I did it. And I knocked it out of the park on the second set I applied a week later, achieving perfect tattoo placement. They really do last a full week—I was careful not to get them in water in the bath too much, and they wiped off super easily once they started to lose their luster after a week. With tons of different designs—stars, hearts, peace signs, cupcakes and more—you can rotate designs out for variety. They really do look cute and because they’re made with 100 percent food-grade vegetable dyes, they’re safe for any age.

The only very minor issues I had? I wish the tattoos were spread out just a little farther on the sheets; it took meticulous scissoring to cut them out individually without cutting into one of them. Also, I did have one of the tattoos peel off onto the transparency instead of the sheet it was supposed to, so it didn’t work even though I tried and tried. It led to a mismatched set, but hey, sometimes not matching is FASHION, people. Especially on a 2-year-old!

How old were your kids when you braved ear piercing? Would you try temporary tattoos like these? —Erin


  1. Running Betty says

    What a great idea! I think my girls were 5 & 6 when I took them (together) to get their ears pierced. I waited until they asked since they are their ears. When I had mine done 27 years ago, they did them both at the same time. But my girls they did each ear separately, which kind of dragged out the process.
    Then DD2 lost an earring that night. I guess the back didn’t go on right, and dad was buckling her carseat and it got hooked on the shoulder strap and popped off. He shouted out to me, and by the time I ran to the garage to put it back in, the hole had closed. So we had to wait 14 days or so for it to heal. So she had one earring until we could repierce. Since she knew what was coming, it was a lot more drama the next time around and she threw up all over the car on the way home. What stress on the poor little thing!

  2. Erin says

    I was 13 when I got mine pierced–old enough to clean and care for them myself. That’s what we plan for our daughter, too. But these tattoo earrings may be really fun in a couple of years when she starts to care about her appearance. Right now, she only likes adornments she can see (bracelets, tattoos on her hand, etc.). Even hairbows don’t last long, because she pulls them out to look at them.


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