Mommy Eating Pitfalls: Do You Fall Into These Food Traps?

Walnut Cluster Snack

Handy snacks are a MUST when breastfeeding to avoid these mommy eating pitfalls!

When you get pregnant you hear all the warnings. Don’t really eat for two! Pregnancy is not an excuse to eat! But what few people prepare you for is the eating pitfalls that haunt you AFTER that baby arrives! Always wanting others to learn from my mistakes, let me share with you some major eating pitfalls I have discovered the hard way. 

3 Mommy Eating Pitfalls to Avoid

Mommy Eating Pitfall No. 1: Beastfeeding. It ain’t breastfeeding—it’s beastfeeding, as in feeding that baby will turn you into a starving lunatic! As that wee little babe suckles your breast, you can almost feel the energy being sucked out of your body. If you co-sleep and your boob is an all-night pacifier and buffet, you will wake up at 2 a.m. so hungry that you will be crawling into the kitchen looking for a quick snack to keep the milk-making operation going.

This beast luckily can be tamed when you start adding solids to the baby’s diet and/or when you wean, but that’s often a long ways away. And you don’t want to pass on food when you’re hungry (even at 2 a.m.!) because you risk slowing your milk production (and you’ll have a hungry baby AND mama!). So feed the beast by always having some healthy snacks on hand and eating regularly. I always keep a protein bar on my nightstand for those overnight needs.


  1. Michelle says

    I really need to give up my middle of the night Twizzlers snack, oh and my early morning Twizzlers snack, and let’s not forget the every time baby feeds Twizzlers snack. :(


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