Pay No Attention to the ‘Thigh Gap’


Thigh gap, schmigh gap! Photo: Ivan McClellan Photography, Flickr

Awhile back, Michelle Obama’s arms had women everywhere obsessed. Everyone wanted those toned, strong-looking arms. But lately, I’ve been seeing the term “thigh gap” thrown around constantly—as in, the gap between a woman’s thighs because her legs don’t touch when she stands with her feet together. Some women and girls are looking at the thigh gap as the pinnacle of thin perfection; a goal to aim for or a measure of dieting success or failure. Simply search for “thigh gap” on the Internet, and you’ll find pictures of the thigh gap being used as “thinspiration” everywhere. But the thigh gap as inspiration trend has gotta go, for a few reasons.

First, it’s nearly impossible for many women to achieve a thigh gap. I was watching The Doctors recently when Dr. Travis Stork brought up the issue of the thigh gap. He found two women for his demonstration: one was a size 6 with a thigh gap, and the other was a size 0 without a thigh gap. X-rays of their hips showed that it’s more about bone structure than the amount of weight or fat you carry: if your bones angle in and your hips are narrow, the thigh gap is virtually unachievable no matter how much you run or hit the gym.

Not convinced? Read on for a few more reasons you shouldn’t aim for a thigh gap…Erin


  1. not true says

    actually, that’s not true. I have narrow hips and was able to get a thigh gap by getting lean. I’m not the only one either! Yes, I agree it’s easier to get a gap when you have wider hips, but it’s not impossible if you don’t. Believe it or not, there’s a book called “The Thigh Gap Hack” (google it) that shows how to do it, since targeting the stubborn fat in the thighs is quite difficult to do.

    Some people just like the look of a thinner thigh, just like some people want six pack s abs or really toned arms, and I think there’s nothing wrong with trying to get a certain aesthetic that will make you more confident and happy in your body.

    • Lauren says

      The fact that confidence and happiness in your body had to do with aesthetic is an enormous cultural problem, and there are a million things wrong with it.

      The “thigh gap” also has to do with how you put on muscle, the bone structure of your legs in relation to your hips, the width of your hips, etc. Some people will either never have one, or will only have through terribly unhealthy means. (Plus, if you’re body really isn’t meant to have one, a thigh gaps looks pretty horrifying.)

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