Going Natural With Probiotics and Honey, Honey

At first glance, probiotics and honey have little in common. But (honey) bear with me! They both support good health — and I just tried out one of each. So they totally fit into a review together, right? Regardless of whether you think I’m losing my product-review-loving mind or not, read on for my take on two health enhancers!

Golden Blossom Honey

When the folks from Golden Blossom Honey emailed me, I was running low on honey, not to mention that we were all battling mild colds. Hey, sometimes the world just provides and you have to say yes to a review! But I’m so glad I did and not just because I was able to cross honey off my shopping list. Golden Blossom Honey turned out to be even more money (as in awesome) than my usual honey! Both my husband and I thought it upped the ante on our usual honey, and tasted more pure than other honeys we’ve tried. The company uses 100 percent U.S. honey to create a blend composed of extra-white clover, sage buckwheat and orange blossom, which the company says results in a distinct flavor, color and fragrance possessed by no other honey brand. It also seemed to be a little quicker to get out of the honey bear — no insanely sloooooow drip.

So not only did I love the honey, we used it as a cold remedy to soothe our throats. Because cough syrups aren’t recommended for young kids, coughs and colds can be super miserable for them (and their parents!). Luckily, they’re much happier drinking warm water with lemon and honey or taking a sweet and yummy cold remedy like this one.


Skip the pharmacy next time you have a cold and use this ginger, lemon and honey remedy!

Ginger & Honey Citrus Sore Throat Home Treatment

4 tablespoons Golden Blossom Honey
Juice of 1 large lemon
3 teaspoons vegetable oil
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger

Mix all ingredients together in a small jar. Every hour, take 1 teaspoon in your mouth and gargle. Then swallow the remedy.

Sounds pretty tasty, right?


  1. Suzannah says

    Great blog post! I am a HUGE fan of probiotics. I had GI issues for years. I will spare you the details, but just know that it was really frustrating and uncomfortable. After taking probiotics, it all went away!!!! It took a couple of months and was very gradual. I am thrilled!! Now, I realize a lot of people have these issues too. A few more “bugs” (probiotics) would help so many people!!

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