Mama Links: What Girls Should Know About Exercise, Holiday Maternity Tees & More!


These stuffed peppers are so fun your kids might eat them! Credit:

This week’s link is a mash-up of inspiration, gentle parenting reminders, super-cute maternity tees and fun, healthy recipes! Enjoy!

A treadmill workout perfect for pregnancy. —Fit Pregnancy

A clean and easy apple pie crumble. —STUFT Mama

Super-cute holiday maternity tees! —Motherhood Maternity

More fitness gift ideas! —Fit Bottomed Girls

Need a cape for a fun run or your kiddo? —Everfan

Get your kids to eat peppers! —Fit Bottomed Eats

Amen! What daughters should know about exercise. —Wellfesto

Oh, the things you’ll hear when you stop yelling at your kids… —Hands Free Mama

Yoga can do so much for kids! —Bookish

What has inspired you to be a better parent lately? —Erin


  1. Suzannah says

    The snow has inspired me to be a better parent! I need to allow more time to get to any activity with all the gear that needs to be put on (boots, hats, mittens, etc).. It also takes longer to get to places with the snow on the roads and actually this means I am not running around frantically to get everyone out the door…..because I have allowed extra time. Why didn’t I start the process earlier before the snow came?!

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