This ‘Royals’ Parody Hilariously Nails Aging


“Borde,” singing Royals.

First things first: You couldn’t pay me enough money to go back to high school. I had a great time there and everything, but there’s something to be said for growing older and wiser and better. That being said, growing older can sometimes be a total pain. Responsibility, gray hair, a mortgage, taxes. Sometimes it would be nice to escape back to the times when your biggest concern was a big geometry test that you were totally going to rock because everything was just easier in high school. But even though we’d never want to go back in time, we still love this Royals parody video about growing up (by “Borde” instead of Lorde.) We totally agree: it is kind of grating that all the songs are written by kids who made millions before they’re even out of puberty!

Can’t see the video? Click here to watch the “Royals” parody about getting older.

Oh, to be carded frequently again, right? Anything you miss about the “good old days”? –Erin 


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