Will You Be Hip to These Fitness Trends in 2014?

I’m not much for being trendy. Unless you count wearing yoga pants constantly, occasionally having time to shower and being aware of the latest goings-on in the world of Disney Junior as “trendy.” But when it comes to fitness trends? Turns out, I’m kind of fitness trendy!

This infographic from wello.com, which brings live trainers to your home for convenient personal training, shows some of the top trends of 2014. Check it:


Huh! Let’s discuss. HIIT: I’m all over Tabata workouts, and my new favorite Hot5 app, which are totally high intensity interval training. Fusion? I love fusion! I even just wrote about how awesome fusion is for kicking boredom to the curb. Team races: I did a Tough Mudder as a team of two, and I’m planning on an FBG team race in the spring. Check! At-home workouts? Moms are as trendy as they come when it comes to at-home workouts, amiright? Personal training is one thing I haven’t been doing — I can’t be perfect-trendy— but I did try out live classes via Gymagogo, which I loved. And I totally love the idea of getting personalized attention from an expert from the comfort of home.

What about you? Are you trendy? Or do you do your own workout thing and kick the concept of trendy to the curb when it comes to fitness? —Erin


  1. Deb E says

    At home workouts have been around forever and probably are not going anyway. They rock, along with Fusion workouts, in my opinion. I get both with the Dream Body DVDs. I’m still on the first version but hope someday to graduate to their cardio DVDs.

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