6 Ways to Bust Through a Weight-Loss Plateau


It's easy to get stuck in a rut over the cold-weather months. With cold and rain, it's harder to get your sweat on, not to mention comfort foods tend to be calling your name. So summer can hit and you might feel slightly less than swimsuit ready. But have no fear --- we say you're swimsuit ready as …
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FBG Anti-Diet Challenge: Dieting Sucks — You Don’t Have To


That headline sounds weird. You don't have to diet, we mean. Not suck. Although you don't have to do that either. Obviously. Whatever, moving on... So back when my pants were feeling a little too tight and I was literally feeling too big for my britches, I knew what I had to do. Eat a little …
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This Flip Flop Abs Workout Targets Your Core


When Kristen reviewed the  DVD over on Fit Bottomed Girls, I knew I had to share it with the mamas over here. Because one of the areas moms are always looking to strengthen up after a long bout of pregnancy is the core. It's not just that you want to look good in a bikini again --- oh no. That may …
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You Are Not Alone: How Having a Support System Helps Me Succeed


I strongly believe that we should surround ourselves with people who make us better and stronger individuals. People who challenge us, make us think and can keep us laughing. A support system was key in my weight-loss success, and as I've gotten married and had a child of my own, my support system …
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Cake Lingerie’s New Addition to Its Lineup: The Orange Zest Nursing Sports Bra


Confession: I don't own a nursing sports bra. I know, it's a little weird, considering I breastfed two kids for more than a year each, and I'm kind of into the whole fitness game. But my daughter would actually take a bottle when needed and once I had two kids, my workouts turned into more of the …
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Doonya: A Bollywood Dance Workout That Will Get You Groovin’


For many years, I've accepted the fact that only after a few takes can I really rub my belly and tap my head at the same time. My coordination is not terrible, but it certainly is not a strength of mine. I knew I would never be a cheerleader or Chicago Luvabull. If it's choreographed, I'm …
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Getting Rid of Guilt and Embracing Me Time


Today's post comes to you from Jennifer Schlozman, a former Weight Watchers Leader Ambassador. She lost 40 pounds pre-baby and 82 pounds post-baby. She's a runner, triathlete and completed her first half marathon this year. With enthusiasm for group workouts and finding fit friends, she considers …
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Review: The Dia Method Postnatal Fitness System


Many moms are concerned with getting back into shape postpartum. After all, when your belly expands to crazy proportions, it can be hard to believe you can actually get it back to normal. And it's hard to fit in a new routine when you've got small kids, particularly if you're new to fitness and …
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Just Wait: All the Reasons It’s Important to Give Yourself Time to Recover After Giving Birth

Credit: genue.luben, Flickr

Jenn and I love getting reader comments on our posts because we learn so much from you, our dear readers! So when Deena Blumenfeld left a comment on a post awhile back, I knew I had to follow up with her for more. The post in question was about the Pure Barre founder Carrie Dorr's workout regimen …
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Top 3 Pilates Exercises for New Moms


I recently tried out Pilatesology, a massive collection of online Pilates workouts. There are so many to choose from, and you can work at any level, from beginner to crazy-advanced Olympic level. But most new moms don't want crazy-advanced, am I right? So today, I've got three basic moves so you can …
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