Reforming My Workouts with the Pilates Reformer


One of Kansas City's biggest half marathon events is in April, so you could imagine my excitement when I was able to get a bib before registration closed. This race fills up within a couple of weeks, and I jumped online soon as I saw it was time to sign up. My training was underway, and I had plenty …
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Pilates Power: Workouts Online with Pilatesology


My Pilates addiction took a hit when Baby 2 started resisting gym daycare. Just when my daughter was going gangbusters with the gym daycare, my son got old enough to start caring that I was leaving him. So instead of doing many classes lately, I've used my trip up to the gym this summer to hit the …
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Gymagogo: The Online Workouts You Should Be Doing!


As a work-at-home mom, my biggest obstacles to getting to the gym are time and convenience. Free time is short, so I often try to make my days as active as possible with even a few minutes of exercise while the kids play or a good walk to the park. For me, getting to the gym is nice---but now that …
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Move it Momma Fitness: A Fit Community That Caters to the Mom!

move it momma fitness

Recently I was invited to work out at Move it Momma Fitness in Huntington Beach, Calif. If you can't tell by the name, the facility caters to moms and includes daycare for the kiddos so moms can work out. It exceeded all of my expectations. It's not just a gym—it’s more like a community center or a …
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