This Flip Flop Abs Workout Targets Your Core


  When Kristen reviewed the  DVD over on Fit Bottomed Girls, I knew I had to share it with the mamas over here. Because one of the areas moms are always looking to strengthen up after a long bout of pregnancy is the core. It's not just that you want to look good in a bikini again --- oh no. …
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I Am A Fusionista: Bringing Fusion Fitness Home With Me


My quads are trembling, my glutes are burning and my abdominals are screaming. As a fusionista, this is to be expected after class. I just never thought I could feel this way from doing home videos! Fusion Fitness makes sweat look sexy and a bad day feel oh-so good. What started out scary became …
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Review: The Dia Method Postnatal Fitness System


Many moms are concerned with getting back into shape postpartum. After all, when your belly expands to crazy proportions, it can be hard to believe you can actually get it back to normal. And it's hard to fit in a new routine when you've got small kids, particularly if you're new to fitness and …
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Knocked-Up Fitness: After Baby Pilates-Infused Functional Workouts


I had the privilege of being on a Pregnancy Magazine Google Hangout with the lovely Erica Ziel of Knocked-Up Fitness. So when she emailed me afterwards asking if I'd like to try her postpartum workout DVDs, I jumped at the chance! With three young kids of her own (ages 6, 4 and 18 months), Erica …
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Review and Giveaway: On-the-Move Munchkins

on the move munchkins

Sometimes the only way to get a workout in as a mom is to bring your kids along for the adventure. Am I right, or am I right? And even if you belong to a gym with a daycare, it's no guarantee you'll get a full workout in. The fallback? Working out at home. And On-the-Move Munchkins helps you do just …
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Tracey Mallett: The Booty Barre Beginners & Beyond Workout (With Giveaway!)

tracey mallett booty barre

I've been getting into a Pilates class at the gym lately, even though the instructor is a bit of a drill sergeant. I decided to pop in a workout DVD I've had on my shelf for awhile now by Tracey Mallet, who from past experience I know isn't as much of a drill sergeant. That's not to say she's not …
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Working the Core with Gilad! (With a Giveaway!)

gilad lord of the abs

When you're pregnant, it's amazing the lengths (and widths!) your belly can stretch to. And once that kiddo arrives, it takes months for that belly to deflate, let alone regain strength. But core strength is so important, and not just so you can rock a bikini again, but for day-to-day living—you …
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Review: 3, 2, 1…Get Your Body Back

Get Your Body Back workout dvd review

This week we're celebrating moms of multiples with special twin content! To see all of our Twin Week content, click here. I've had this workout DVD in my "to review" file for awhile now. But as I've been pregnant for 34 weeks, I haven't exactly been in a place to, well, 3, 2, 1...Get Your Body …
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Review: Mega-fit Momma (With Giveaway!)

Mega-Fit Momma DVD

I must be in need of a little R&R lately because I have definitely been drawn to the more relaxing yoga-esque postpartum workout DVDs. (I must be getting enough cardio chasing after my more mobile daughter.) And Mega-fit Momma was right up my relaxation alley. Both a prenatal and postpartum …
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