‘Frost Them Like Cupcakes’ and Tricks for Getting Sunscreen on Kids


The first thing I do when I head to the beach or pool is to find a shady spot. That's because I've already applied the sunscreen at home and scoping out shade is the next step in protecting myself from the sun's "devil rays." I wasn't always a sun-phobe. I became sun-phobic once I got smart and …
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So About Those Cloth Diapers I Swore I’d Use …


As a new mom, you learn to never say never. Or never say always. And mostly, never ever think you know it all. Because all that stuff you swore you'd do or never do before you had the baby? Well, not to be blunt, but that shit just hits the fan. Sometimes, quite literally! Which is a great …
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A Kids’ Summer Camp We Want to Attend


I never attended a summer camp as a youth, but I read enough books set at summer camp to feel like I've been to one. I can practically taste the s'mores, feel the mild homesickness, and smell that bonding that comes from having so much fun in close quarters in a short span of time. Plus, I just …
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Introducing Baby to Dog … How It Went (and Still Goes!)


Before I had my daughter, we spent a decent amount of time trying to prepare our dog Siena for her arrival. Siena is one heck of a pet, but, like any dog or person, she has her idiosyncrasies. For Siena, that includes being a bit skittish and afraid of new things. In the past, she hasn't been a …
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Kids Don’t Come With Manuals, But There’s a Lot to Learn


They always say that kids don't come with manuals. This is true. When I left the hospital, the nurses handed me a single sheet with instructions on both sides telling me how to care for my baby. These instructions included lay her on her back to sleep. See a doctor within a few days. Count poops and …
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Would You Pass a Car Seat Safety Test?


Go check the last picture you took of your child in his or her car seat. Is he strapped in correctly? Would your car seat skills pass if there was a pop quiz? I have three young kids. I'm in my child-bearing years. A lot of people I know are also at that stage of life. My Facebook feed blows up …
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