The COOLIT Takes Food From ‘Too Hot’ to ‘Just Right’


Evan dropped a bowl of oatmeal --- hot oatmeal --- on his lap. He wasn’t wearing pants, because that’s how he rolls at breakfast, and he burned his thigh. I was absolutely horrified that this happened; I just could not believe he pulled it down on himself. I was so upset, and he was in so much pain. …
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9 Ways to Make Allergy Season Less Miserable

Cute woman in the field with flowers

I haven't noticed my allergies much this spring. They're hiding behind two of the worst colds I've ever had. Both of the colds had the rest of my family sniffling for a day or two, but they knocked me out. My superhuman immune system of my two previous pregnancies is clearly on vacation, and the …
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For the Biker Mama: Weehoo Bike Trailer and StaySharp Commuter Cuff


When I was 12, my dad used to take my brother and me on these long bike adventures. We'd pack a snack and just ride our bicycles. Once we even ended up riding to my aunt's house about 20 miles away. I was young and tired, so I caught a ride home with my mom. I loved those days of just riding. My son …
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13 Ways to Make Homework Less Stressful

happy teen schoolgirl doing homework at home

My daughter is 3 years old and is in two full days of preschool. Wednesday is the first day she attends each week, and it's also Sharing Day. That means every Tuesday night, I'm scrambling to put together her "homework" for the next day. It's never anything difficult --- finding two objects that …
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Preschool Talk: Take Me Back to 2012!


Once a week, my son and I participate in a Mommy and Me class. My girlfriend got me involved at the beginning of the school year, and I'm so glad she did. For Evan, the socializing with kids his age is so healthy, and the exposure to the older kids' language is key in his development. I went to …
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Two Little Words I’ve Got On Repeat: Privacy, Please!


I never truly appreciated the freedom of using the bathroom alone, until recently. I was chatting with a girlfriend at the gym, and we were swapping stories of how our lives have changed since having kids. One way that we strongly agreed on was the lack of privacy. I'm laughing recognizing just how …
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There Is No Such Thing as a Kid-Sized Meal


Everyone knows portion sizes are out of control. You can jumbo-size soft drinks. Super-size fries. And everyone who's ever been out to a chain sit-down restaurant knows that the portions should be enough to feed you for at least two meals (if you can show self-restraint, which is tough because, …
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This Adorable Bento Box Makes Packing a Healthy Lunch a Cinch


Bored of your same-old packed lunch out of your same-old lunch box you've had for years (that endured a soup spill that never really came clean)? If you're looking to revamp your lunch box for the New Year and refresh your healthy lunch box, we've got the one for you. This bright and adorable bento …
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Hot Topic: How Do We Encourage Kids to Move?


Anyone who has kids knows that they are pretty much born to move. From the moment they can hold up their heads on their own, they're on a mission to roll, crawl, toddle, walk and climb their way to mass destruction. They'll throw balls until exhausted. They'll go down slides a million and one times. …
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