Fun Drinks for the Mommy-to-Be: Momosas!


It's not like I was a total lush before getting pregnant, but I certainly liked my wine ... and my sangria ... and my cocktails. A bit of a self-proclaimed foodie, my love of all things hand-crafted naturally carried over to my drink selections. I was always wanting to try the hottest new cocktail …
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Tea for Two: Sipping on Tea During Pregnancy


So in my first trimester, food aversions hit me hard. Actually, drink aversions hit me hard, too. In all three of my pregnancies, water was tough to choke down. My first pregnancy had me so turned off of red wine that it wasn't until a year postpartum that I could really think about drinking it …
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Peppermint Patty Green Smoothie Recipe for St. Patty’s Day


My daughter got to try green eggs and ham at preschool last week (report: yummy!), so now the pressure's on to make St. Patrick's Day fun at home. This means whipping up something fun and green and delicious. Perhaps this Peppermint Patty Green Smoothie, courtesy of Sari Davidson-Crevin, will do the …
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Monster Juice Recipe for Your Little Monsters


I don't have a juicer --- I'm more of a smoothie gal --- but juicing is all the rage these days. And if you're hard-pressed to get your kids to branch out into green veggies or move beyond the standard banana, homemade juice can be a fun option. Plus, you get to decide exactly what goes into the …
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Don’t Be Afraid of Flax and Chia Seeds — Really!


After Tish and Jenn were raving about chia seeds for so long, I knew I had to try them. I was at first hesitant because when I think "chia" I think "chia pets" and that doesn't exactly strike me as the most appetizing visual ever. But chia seeds are a totally friendly way to get a nutritional …
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A Better Lunchbox Drink: Silk Singles


The following is a post sponsored by Silk. For our sponsored post policy, click here. We're just a few weeks into the school year, and if you and your kiddos are already suffering from healthy lunchbox boredom, boy, oh, boy, do we have a tasty and healthy idea for you: Silk Singles! Good for …
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