What to Eat Before a Workout and More Tips from a Nutritionist!


Heidi Skolnik recently shared her cold-weather workout tips with us. But now that it's finally warming up (slowly but surely around these parts), Heidi answered my burning questions about nutrition and working out. Heidi is the owner and president of Nutrition Conditioning, a nutrition consulting …
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Cheezy Baked Broccoli Bites: Broccoli Your Kids Might Eat!


Parents know that getting picky eaters to try new foods can be a challenge. Which is why when I came across Kid Kritics I knew I had to share. Kid Kritics features nutritious recipes that kids like --- they're even kid-tested and approved. Moms and kids can browse and search recipes on the site and …
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Kodiak Cakes: If I Was On A Deserted Island, I Might Take These Pancakes With Me (Want to Try?)


While I can wake up, grab a cup of coffee and be fine for an hour or so without breakfast, my kiddos want breakfast as soon as their eyes pop open. Unfortunately, most items that are available in a hurry aren't the healthiest, stick-to-your-ribs foods. So what to give the kids that is healthier, …
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Going Natural With Probiotics and Honey, Honey


At first glance, probiotics and honey have little in common. But (honey) bear with me! They both support good health --- and I just tried out one of each. So they totally fit into a review together, right? Regardless of whether you think I'm losing my product-review-loving mind or not, read on for …
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Beyond the PB&J: Bento Box Lunch Ideas and Tips


Sometimes I find myself banging my head against the wall trying to come up with lunch ideas for the kids. So when Sarah Platanitis, food writer and blogger over at Sarah in the Kitchen sent these great tips for bento-box style lunches, I knew I had to pass them along. If you're unfamiliar, bentos …
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Don’t Be Afraid of Flax and Chia Seeds — Really!


After Tish and Jenn were raving about chia seeds for so long, I knew I had to try them. I was at first hesitant because when I think "chia" I think "chia pets" and that doesn't exactly strike me as the most appetizing visual ever. But chia seeds are a totally friendly way to get a nutritional …
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