On-the-Go Salty Snacks


Did you know that February is National Snack Food Month? I didn't either, which is why I'm covering these snack foods in April. Boom! I'm always looking for snacks I can take with me --- snacks that, even if I forget them in my bag for a few days (or okay, weeks), won't ruin my bag (thanks, …
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The Perfect Pouch for Toddler Snacks


If you haven't noticed through my previous posts, I'm a big planner. For me, having a plan from toddler snacks to activities helps me keep my family's life from reaching a scary place of chaos. I plan big and small, from birthday parties with more than 100 guests to a quick grab-and-go snack for …
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Healthy Sweet Snacks: Stix in the Mud and BelVita Biscuits


Today is a bit of a mash-up in the food department, but we're always looking for healthy sweet snacks to munch on in this household, so bear with me! First up, we've got an all-natural sweet treat that will make you swoon. Then, we've got a new flavor of an old favorite. Read on for a couple of …
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Healthy Snack Ideas: A Clif Fruit Snack with a Veggie Twist (and a Dark Chocolate Snack for Mama)


I never gave much thought to snacks before having kids. I'd snack when I needed to, but it wasn't an everyday necessity. Now, I've got two kiddos who need snacks at random moments throughout the day. Like a Girl Scout, I've found I need to be prepared. Today, I've got healthy snack ideas for kids …
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Peppermint Patty Green Smoothie Recipe for St. Patty’s Day


My daughter got to try green eggs and ham at preschool last week (report: yummy!), so now the pressure's on to make St. Patrick's Day fun at home. This means whipping up something fun and green and delicious. Perhaps this Peppermint Patty Green Smoothie, courtesy of Sari Davidson-Crevin, will do the …
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Kid-Friendly Stuffed Strawberries for Valentine’s Day


When I saw this recipe over on Fit Bottomed Eats, I knew I had to share it over here as well for Valentine's Day. It's one of those ideas that's the perfect storm of healthy, delicious, fun and festive. Plus, it's not too labor-intensive, and I imagine kiddos would have a lot of fun helping with the …
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